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International Conference “Capacity Building for Nuclear Industry: New Challenges in the Era of Globalization”

Venue: ROSATOM-CICE&T, 21 Kurchatov str., Obninsk, Russia
Dates: 04-06 July 2017



Foreign stock of orders of The State Atomic Energy Corporation «Rosatom» (ROSATOM) exceeded $ 130 billion for a 10-year period. Forming the national nuclear industries and providing the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants is inconceivable without highly qualified personnel. The Russian experience in personnel training and continuing education and the potential of the relevant organizations of ROSATOM are able to ensure the solution of such global challenges. ROSATOM CICE&T celebrates the 50th Anniversary and hosts an international conference for those who involved in personnel training.
  • To provide the experience and best practices of Russian and international organizations in the field of human resources development for nuclear power programmes.
  • To discuss the issues related to personnel training for sustainable and safe development of the nuclear industry in the context of globalization.
  • To establish cooperation between Russian and international organizations involved in the development of human resources for the nuclear industry.
Participants: International organizations (including IAEA), representatives of the ROSATOM responsible for international cooperation, business and human resources development, “Rosenergoatom” executives responsible for personnel training, partner organizations of ROSATOM-CICE&T, representatives of the Consortium of ROSATOM Supporting Universities and ROSATOM Partner Universities, representatives of higher education institutions of partner countries, executives of organizations from partner countries involved in the development of national nuclear programmes.
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E-mail for applications: conference50@rosatom-cipk.ru

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