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Miscellaneous technical courses oriented to WWER Technology

1. Preparation of the bid invitation for the first NPP
2. Site selection and qualification
3. Characteristics and design of nuclear fuel, including safety margins
4. Security and physical protection of NPPs and the relationship with safety and safeguards
5. Non-proliferation of Nuclear Materials
6. Training Course for Top Managers of NEPIO: Start-up of nuclear power programme
7. Russian computer codes for safety analysis
8. Project Management for NPP Construction
9. Nuclear power plants with nuclear reactors of small power in Russia
10. Reactor Island: Physics and Equipment of primary circuit for Engineers
11. Thermo Hydraulics, engineering and Equipment of secondary circuit (Turbine Island) for Engineers
12. Financial Aspects of NPP Construction
13. Risks Assessment and Risk Management
14. NPP Safety Assessment based on Preliminary Safety Analysis Report
15. Safety analysis for NPP with WWER reactors
16. Specifics of WWER Design: Safety Issues
17. Radiation Safety and Health Protection
18. Policy on Decommissioning and Regulatory Control
19. Development and implementation of integrated programmes on remediation of uranium production legacy sites
20. General aspects of WWER technology. Russian computer codes for safety assessment
21. Methodology and Practices for Industrial Involvement
22. Quality Management and Quality Assurance
23. Stakeholder Involvement